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Optimum Health Balance (OHB) Kinesiology
Touch for Health (TFH) Kinesiology
Flower Essence therapy combined with Kinesiology
Natural Nutrition

Optimum Health Balance (OHB) MIni Balance Workshop - an introduction to the OHB Kinedsiology system for the lay public. Learn how to do muscle response testing and use it to support your health and well being, relieve stress and to understand how powerful our thoughts can be! 

Next MIni Balance workshop - Sat. 18th May - 10.00 - 16.00, 

Next TFH course -  TFH 2 -  Sat 1st June 10.00 - 17.00, Sun 2nd June10.00 - 17.00.
There is an optional 2 hour workshop on Frid 31st May for participants who are new to kinesiology and would like to experience and learn muscle response testing before the main course on Sat and Sun.

For information on other workshops check my Courses page 


The option of distance and online treatment sessions are available for clients, who are perhaps in hospital/ care homes or have health issues, which prevent them being able to come for treatment in person.
These sessions are just as effective as person to person sessions and can be very convenient for busy people, as no travel time is involved. Geographical distance is also not a problem, treatment can be available to anyone, no matter where they live.

OHB Kinesiology belongs to the field of energy Kinesiology. As this system works on an energetic level it works equally well over a short distance, as during an in-person treatment, or a long distance, as in a distance treatment between Gauldry and Glasgow or even Brazil or Australia! Just as for your mobile phone, the actual distance seems not to matter as long as there is a good connection!

TFH Kinesiology also works well over a distance and indeed online, when some client participation can also be included. We often use goal balancing in TFH to address specific issues which are challenging the client and keeping them stuck.

"I have had a few sessions with Lois now. The last was a distant session and I'm in no doubt that it was just as powerful as in person."
"I continued to have distance sessions from Lois over the lockdown which have helped my  ongoing health problems, mood and energy."

" I was very fortunate to have a balance with Lois immediately after the first Covid vaccination. I reacted negatively to the vaccination and was quite ill for 2-3 days. The balance helped greatly to bring insights into where care was needed in the body and I also received information regarding supplements to build up my immune system as well as foods to avoid and practices to use to increase my wellbeing. I always find sessions with Lois to be incredibly insightful and very accurate." Alison S.


Stress can take many forms and has a wide range of effects according to a person's tendencies or weaknesses. It can be a structural stress causing physical pain or discomfort, or the stress can be emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. Or it can be a stress around something we are struggling to achieve without success, resulting in our feeling stuck , helpless and frustrated. Or sometimes life just feels too much, too overwhelming.
By identifying and treating issues causing stress within a person's body or being, the above Kinesiology systems work to restore a person to a balanced, harmonious state of being and functioning.


Balance or harmony requires all aspects of our being to be connected/ "talking to each other" and there are numerous pathways which enable this.

The functioning of our bodies is a miracle we so often take totally for granted!

Healthy functioning requires a constant flow of information and communication throughout our body/being. When this communication is interrupted and not restored, the body/ being has to compensate by creating another route. This takes up energy. If compensations go on for too long because the original problem has not been addressed, more compensations become necessary and more of our energy is tied up in compensating for an increasing number of imbalances.
The energy tied up in compensations is then not available for our daily functioning or to support our immune systems. Using Kinesiology our focus is to unravel the compensations, dig down to the root problem and identify how to resolve that original stress and the resulting compensations.

Flower Essence Therapy and Natural Nutrition both combine well with Kinesiology. Often they are integrated into the balancing treatment but equally often they test as longer term support for the work done in the balance.

ALL PROGRESS INVOLVES CHANGE and this is what many of us struggle with. Flower Essences can be a real support in helping us deal with change, particularly change not of our choosing! They relieve emotional" stuckness" and help us to perceive things in a different light. Through seeing a situation differently, we are able to deal with it differently and move forward.


A lot of people have had a really stressful and in some cases a devastating, time during the past two to three years and are greatly in need of some support. Kinesiology can really help to address and resolve stress, worry, and depression. Kinesiology balancing can help us to cope and adapt and feel more confident about managing the major changes the last three years have brought, particularly when combined with flower essence therapy. This therapy approach can also empower people to understand how they can help themselves to keep balanced during these challenging and constantly changing times.

In times of great stress and worry, it is particularly important that the nutrition we are feeding our body is supporting our energy and well being and not undermining it. Natural nutrition combined with kinesiology looks at many aspects of nutrition - food quality, timing/ frequency of meals, combination of ingredients, intolerances etc - there is no ideal diet for everyone, nutrition can be very individual. It is also important to remember that the functioning of our digestive system impacts how much actual benefit we get from the food we eat. Recent research also indicates that the health of our digestive system, particularly our gut, is very important for the functioning of our brain and nervous system.

As a Kinesiologist I am passionate about helping people to learn how they themselves can support their health and well being and I run workshops and courses to promote this this. See my Courses page.

"It has been really helpful having the distance sessions with Lois over the past year but it also felt really good to have learned enough kinesiology to be able to help myself".


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