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Thankfully we can now work in the way we used to before Covid took over our lives.. however....
I will still ask clients to wash their hands on arrival - this is a sensible and simple precaution to avoid spreading infection. Just think of all the things we touch with our hands!
If you have cold or flu symptoms - sore throat, sneezing, coughing, fever - please phone to cancel, re-arrange or change your appointment to an online session.

OHB Kinesiology

Clients lie fully clothed on a therapy couch throughout the treatment. Some initial pre-checks are carried out to make sure muscle responses are reliable. The balancing process is guided by muscle monitoring an indicator muscle to gather information about the client's issue(s), then checking that we have all the information needed before proceeding to check which treatment the body chooses. After treatment is completed, the practitioner checks that enough treatment has been carried out and the identified imbalances have been corrected - treatments are mainly energy treatments as this system is designed to work with frequency. Finally we check to find out whether another treatment is required and whether there is anything the client needs to do at home to support the work done in the balance.
This is a very relaxing treatment and the testing pressure is very gentle and so can be used safely with the elderly, frail or very young. Distance treatments are also possible.

TFH Kinesiology treatments differ in a number of respects. Treatments involve testing a range of muscles to ascertain which meridians are affected, this can be done with the client either standing or lying down. Treatments can be a general balance to raise well being and energy levels or a specific goal can be set with the client before commencing the balance, to align their energy with something they want to achieve or change. This is a more physical balance and the client will feel the difference in their muscle responses as the balance progresses. Any emotion linked to a goal that has been set will be identified and treated as part of the balance. We filter life through our emotions and this decides how we respond to situations/ people etc so it is important to identify any stuck emotions which are holfding a person back. Correction procedures are simple and non invasive - light massage of specific points, tracing meridians, holding certain points - but extremely effective.

Keeping oneself balanced is good preventative healthcare .

DISTANCE TREATMENT SESSIONS - Kinesiology, Flower Essence therapy, Natural Nutrition.

This treatment option will continue to be available for clients unable to attend in person. Kinesiology is an energy based therapy and lends itself well to distant treatment. When a client comes for a session in person a connection is established between the therapist and the client, also on an energy level. We establish energy connections whenever we "connect" with other people or indeed animals so, for instance, we often know who is phoning us before we answer, we think of a person and then meet them a short time later, or we sense when someone close to us is in trouble etc.

As we see in Nature and in our use of electricity and technology, distance is not a hindrance to the transmission of energy once a connection has been established, so it makes no difference if the client is in the same room or 50 miles away as long as a connection has been established.
An initial connection between therapist and client can be established on the phone or online and this builds the basis for a distance treatment. Distance work requires the therapist to be very focused but any kinesiology balancing session requires this in equal measure. Often therapists will ask for a photo to use as an "energy signature" for the client during the balancing session.

After an appointment time has been arranged, a phone or online consultation takes place before the balancing session and I then advise the client to rest or read quietly for the duration of the session and to avoid using any technology so there is no " energy confusion" . I send a text when I have finished working and we agree a suitable time for the client to phone me to discuss the session and to ask any questions they may have and, if appropriate, to arrange a follow up session.
This treatment option means clients can be supported through an illness without having to attend in person.

Client testimonial:
"I have recently had the benefit of distance kinesiology from Lois and wanted to say how happy I was with this form of treatment. I was a little bit unsure about this initially – but only because I get so much out of the hands on work Lois does and the great feeling of relaxation after sessions with her.
However direct sessions were not possible during lockdown so I went along with Lois’s offer of distance work.
I can only say that this has been a life saver for me in keeping my body balanced during this most testing year of corona virus.
I have remained physically & emotionally well during this difficult period.
Whilst sessions are taking place I can say that I am aware of this within myself i.e. feeling ever so slightly unsettled.
After sessions I am happy to report a real sense of calm and after the last session I was very sleepy. Therefore I am experiencing the same physical effects as I would with direct hands on sessions.
The emotional benefits have been excellent with a real sense of clearing the emotional debris and re-balancing.
Lois has also been able to recommend flower essences and check vitamins which my body would benefit from – in the very same way as if I was actually with her in person.


Reflexology treatments are carried out with the client lying on a couch, although in the case of hand reflexology they may prefer to sit on a chair.
A foot reflexology treatment will involve the client removing their shoes and socks/ stockings.
As described above the practitioner uses specific hand movements to work the feet/ hands/ face in a certain sequence in order to identify and treat any congestion, deposits etc over the reflexes. The pressure is light and any sensitivity or discomfort experienced by the client is fleeting. The overall treatment is very relaxing and clients often fall asleep.
Further treatments may be recommended if the issues have been going on for some time, as each treatment builds on the effects of the previous treatment. Usually three treatments is sufficient to gauge the effectiveness of the treatments.
For relaxation and general heath support one treatment every 3 months is usually sufficient. If a person is going through a particularly stressful period more frequent treatments may be beneficial for a while.

Natural Nutrition

As mentioned above this treatment can either stand alone or be used in conjunction with other treatments. It combines traditional naturopathic techniques with dietary and nutritional approaches.
An initial Natural Nutrition session involves taking a detailed case history. The case history actually starts the treatment process, as the client talks about aspects they had perhaps previously not attributed any importance to, or not been aware of. The health history of previous family generations is also recorded and considered.
The case history indicates the treatment “starting point” and as sessions proceed the client will gain increasing understanding of their “story” and how and why they developed their health issues. As they gain more insight they gradually take over responsibility for managing their own health.
Sessions usually last 1 hour except for the first case history session, which lasts 1 ½ hours.
Three initial sessions are advised after which the number and frequency of sessions is discussed with the client and decided according to how much support and guidance they feel they need.
The practitioner is very much in a facilitating role, supporting the client in taking over responsibility for their own well-being.

Flower Essences

As described above I use flower essences in conjunction with the other treatments I offer, usually Kinesiology. I use muscle monitoring to identify the most appropriate essence for a client and how it should be taken. Flower essences are supplied in a dropper bottle for ease of administration.

Distance treatments £35.00 per hour.
In person treatments £40.00 per hour,
Concessions fees are available to those who are eligible.


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