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Natural Nutrition, Flower Essences


My interest in Naturopathy has its origin in my time as a nurse in Germany, where Naturopathic treatments were incorporated into hospital care. The opportunity to combine this interest with Nutrition became available in Scotland and I spent 3 years studying to be a Natural Nutrition Practitioner with The College of Natural Nutrition, based in Devon. 
Natural Nutrition can be a stand alone therapy for those prepared to consider dietary and lifestyle changes. It can be a very empowering therapy as clients learn how effective good food choices can be in restoring and maintaining our well being and how much control one has over this oneself.

Disease in the body is not always due to deficiencies. In many cases the problem is rather the body's inability to use the nutrition it receives effectively and to absorb what it needs to function well. Health requires all the aspects of body metabolism to keep moving and flowing. When things start to stagnate our metabolism becomes sluggish and slow. Disease will eventually result if this state is not addressed. In such cases taking supplements is not always helpful. Firstly, there is usually a need to cleanse and re-hydrate the body at cellular level - dehydration at cellular level is often a major contributor to ill health. This is addressed by reducing foods that challenge a dry body, i.e. mucous forming foods, dehydrating drinks, introducing swollen foods that give bulk to stimulate movement in the digestive tract and encouraging clients to increase their water intake. This gentle approach frees up some energy to start to start the detoxification process.

Naturopathic techniques are then used to support detoxification and enable the body to eliminate effectively. As the stages of treatment proceed, the presenting symptoms often change and can be effectively treated.
By observing and monitoring body responses and their connections to what is going on at cellular level, N N guides the treatment process to avoid a healing crisis - something which can be very challenging for an overloaded body to cope with.


Flower essence therapy belongs to the field of vibrational medicine, where there is no separation of mind, body and spirit in treatments. When we are unwell, depressed, sad, fearful etc. the vibration of our energy drops to a lower frequency. This can manifest in many ways according to an individual's tendencies but there is often a feeling of helplessness around being able to change things.
Flowers embody the peak of a plant's energy, its fullest potential. By a special method of sun infusion, the energetic potential of the flower – the life force of the plant – is transferred to water. This water now carries the highest vibrational pattern of the plant's life force. When we take a flower essence we are internalising the frequency pattern of its high vibration, which will interact with our depleted energy vibration and lift it to the level needed to restore balance and harmony to our functioning.
To put it in scientific terms: “more coherent vibrational patterns will always entrain and hence bring greater coherence to less coherent vibrational patterns.” (Energetic Kinesiology: Charles T Krebs, Tania O'Neill McGowan, Handspring, 2014, p. 279).

Flower essences do not change what is challenging us, they enable us to change our perception and thus our experience of the challenge and so perceive how we need to change our approach in order to deal with it successfully. Sometimes our approach can actually be blocking a successful solution to a challenge!
Flower essences are extremely safe and ideal to help young children, teenagers and of course adults too, through difficult emotional states and experiences.
As a Kinesiologist I use muscle monitoring to choose the most appropriate flower essence for clients. This method tends to be very accurate and gets good results. There are texts citing the effects of the various essences and reading these can give clients interesting insights into why their body chose a particular flower essence.


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